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Plastic frames

Today, a plastic Fillet has become a reliable and more economical analogue of a wooden Fillet. Plastic mouldings successfully imitate wood and allow you to choose any color shade, which is impossible for a wooden fillet. Of course, a wooden Fillet is the best choice for expensive paintings and masterpieces of world art, since it allows you to achieve stunning visual effects. Nevertheless, in a modern interior, where reproductions, posters and photographs are frequently used, a plastic fillet is more and more popular. When choosing a plastic Fillet, you should definitely pay attention to its quality, since cheap plastic mouldings made of low-quality materials are not only fragile and unreliable, but also capable of releasing carcinogens at high temperatures. In our Fillet workshop, you can purchase high-quality plastic mouldings for every taste and color at affordable prices. The width of our products varies from 15 to 120 mm. We work exclusively with high quality products, so their durability and appearance will delight you for many years.

Advantages of a plastic Frames:


In modern interiors, where gypsum and gypsum plasterboard are increasingly used, the substantial weight of a wooden fillet can be a problem, since the gypsum wall may not support the weight of your picture in a wooden frame, especially if it is large. Unlike a wooden fillet, a plastic fillet is very light, which allows you to enjoy the appearance of paintings of impressive size without fear of damaging the wall.

Moisture resistant

One of the main advantages of a plastic Fillet is its moisture resistance. While a wooden Fillet is categorically not suitable for rooms with very high humidity, such as swimming pools, saunas, terraces, bathrooms, a plastic Fillet is an ideal solution for them. Pictures, photographs and mirrors framed by a plastic Fillet can be safely installed in such rooms.

Low price

Unlike wooden mouldings, the manufacture of which requires a long and rigorous work, depending on the desired texture, plastic mouldings are made very quickly. In addition, plastic costs much less than wood, so the price of such a fillet may be many times lower than the cost of a wooden Fillet.

Variety of colors

If you plan to buy a plastic fillet but are not sure that you will find a suitable shade - be sure that you will find it with us. Plastic mouldings can be coated with paint of any color, even the brightest and most unusual. That is why interior designers working on projects in the Art Nouveau style most often resort to plastic mouldings for decorating photographs and paintings.

Wide selection of textures

A plastic Fillet perfectly imitates a tree, so if you are somewhat limited in means, but want to frame your picture, photo or embroidery in a beautiful wooden frame, a plastic fillet will be a great option for you. You can order any texture and even any color, which gives you even wider creative space than when using a wooden fillet.