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The wooden moulding is - a classic version of a moulding. Beautiful and intricate forms of wooden moulding never lose their relevance. The manufacturing of a wooden moulding is a time-consuming process, not only in terms of time, but also in terms of the meticulousness required to create ornate details that give the wooden moulding its unique and rich appearance.

Today, a plastic moulding also exists but the vast majority of people still prefer majestic wooden mouldings, which are also a favorite choice of museums that enclose masterpieces of world art in this particular type of moulding. Throughout history, paintings and portraits of monarchs painted by great artists have always been framed by gilded or carved wooden mouldings with incredibly intricate details. Such mouldings, at times, were valued even more than the picture itself, because of a lot of effort and time spent to create them. When choosing a frame for photograph, your painting, mirror, embroidery or church icon case, be sure to pay attention to the type of wood from which the moulding was made. It will be best to buy a moulding made of tropical wood, which is most suitable for sawing and assembling the frame. As a rule, the wood of such trees is light and porous; moreover, there are no annual rings in it, as in pine wood. Thanks to this, a mouldings

made of tropical wood looks quite solid, although it is more expensive.

The advantages of a wooden moulding:

1. Environmental friendliness

When buying a wooden moulding, you can be sure that it is absolutely safe for the health of your family. Natural wood, such as pine wood, can improve the climate in the house and bring a light coniferous aroma.

2. Long service life

If you decide to purchase a beautiful wooden moulding, then you will certainly be pleased with its long service life. It will decorate your house for many years, and paintwork will help protect it from adverse factors.

3. Variety of textures

One of the many advantages of a wooden moulding is the wide variety of textures that you can give it. You will be able to choose both complex relief options for carved wood, and an elegant smooth look that looks especially impressive with a successful selection of the shade of the paintwork.

4. Strength

If you often move or present your works at exhibitions, a durable wooden moulding made of natural wood will be your best option.

5. Effectiveness

Wooden moulding stands out by the complexity of its carving from other types of frames; in addition, a wide selection of edging and shades will allow you to choose exactly the moulding that most successfully emphasizes your picture.