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If you want to buy a readymade frame, decorate your painting, embroidery, mirror or any other product from the moulding we offer, call us at + 373 69 29 56 52 and we will be happy to inform our partners who will help you arrange your product in the best moulding.

The traditional reason for cropping is that it separates art from the rest of the world or the rest of the living room, as the case may be. However, the best mouldings are an extension of the art that they surround, not its antithesis.

Paintings in museums are often framed in mouldings designed for one or two museum seasons. This practice allows you to keep the painting fresh. Most of us do not have museum budgets, but we strive for the same goals. Even if you want to frame the most ordinary painting or picture, a high-quality mouldings will emphasize the content and become a good accent in the interior.

For family portraits, it is popular to use a wooden frame with a gold coating applied to the surface.

Proper framing also protects artworks from bumps. Our experts will say how thick the moulding should be to support artwork.

Standard frames

A ready-made moulding in standard sizes is an ideal solution for decorating a number of things, from paintings to diplomas. Our partners offer many ready-made options made of plastic or wood. A wide selection of moulding workshops, readymade mouldings and their sizes from our partners will allow you to choose exactly what you need.

The advantages of standard frames

Low price - a standard frame does not require a separate adjustment to the individual image size, therefore this type of frame is produced in much larger quantities than the frame that is made to order, at the same time is not inferior to them in quality.

Time - since the standard frames are produced in a constant mode, we always have goods in stock at the most common sizes. Therefore, ordering a standard moulding, you can get it with delivery within 24 hours.

How to choose a standard frame?

When choosing the right ready-made moulding, just for you, it is first of all necessary to be guided by the purpose of what you want to arrange. For example, a diploma or certificate will look best in an elegant frame of slate gray or black color, but for a picture, especially if it is oil painted, it is better to choose a beautiful wooden frame of the corresponding color.

When choosing a readymade frame or made-to-order, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the general interior of your room, its size, and style in which it is decorated. Even decorating a certificate or diploma, it is worth considering the interior design of the room and, if it is bohemian or baroque, you should choose an elegant moulding with gilding, but not too wide so that it does not distract attention from what you are going to frame with it.

A creative approach to the selection of readymade frames is also a very important component of a successfully selected design. For example, a readymade frame, which at first glance looks unremarkable, can play and emphasize your photo or picture in the best way, if you select the appropriate mat for it. While many people prefer the popular pastel shades, you can choose a bolder tone, thereby reviving not only the work that you frame but also the general appearance of your interior.

What you need to know about standard frames

Color matching - we do our best so that you can choose the most suitable frame color for your picture, photo or diploma. The materials and color in the photo are fully consistent with real samples, that is, you can be sure that you choose.

The depth of the frame is the area of ​​the cutout beyond the frame that holds the image in place. To select a frame corresponding to the dimensions of the image, measure the thickness of the backing (canvas, tablet, cardboard), including any relevant mounting materials, and order a frame with a minimum permissible length.

Frame dimensions - determined by the size of the hole on the back of the moulding, and not the outside of the moulding. To determine the size of the frame during the order, measure the outside dimensions of what you want to hang in the frame and select the appropriate size. The frame will be superimposed on your image in a circle on the thickness of the frame, thereby you avoid ugly joints of the image with the frame

Open Rear Frames - These mouldings are for wall mounting. They are supplied without backing, glazing or suspension elements. Open back frames are commonly used for traditional canvases on a tablet.

Standard wooden mouldings

Many different types of wood may be used in the frame manufacturing: most often ash, linden, cherry, maple, oak, poplar and walnut. Prices may vary depending on whether the wood is processed manually or mechanically, carved or plated with gold or silver.

Our workshop offers ready-made mouldings manufactured of high-quality wood, which are not only durable and retain their original appearance for many years but also create an atmosphere of comfort and prosperity in the house, giving a delicate aroma of needles or wood of exotic trees to the room where they are located. In addition, the readymade mouldings offered by us are quite affordable.

Plastic standard frames

If you are looking for a frame for rooms with high humidity, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas and so on, then you should pay attention to the plastic frames. Besides the fact that they are cheaper than standard wooden frames, plastic frames and mouldings are much lighter and absolutely moisture resistant. Having framed your picture, photo or diploma with a plastic frame, you don’t have to worry that over time the colors will fade - we guarantee the high quality of our products.

Our partners offer many different sizes of plastic picture frames. Our plastic frames are an economical alternative to our more expensive wood or metal frames. Many of these plastic frames look as good as our more upscale frames. Hang photographs, paintings or prints in any room without worrying that the image may fall off the wall. Lightweight plastic frames are ideal for any location, especially on a tight budget.