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Moldings and Frames by Baghet.MD

Wooden molding - for paintings - the main, historical and perhaps the most suitable material for decoration. Collections of wooden molding are most diverse in the colors and textures presented, and also differ in the quality of materials. Noble types of coating, such as gilding with a melt, tinting or staining, are almost impossible to imitate on a plastic basis. A wooden frame in most cases will cost more than analogues from other materials, but it is usually more beautiful and durable. A variety of wooden molding allows you to choose the design for any type of painting and volumetric work.

Plastic molding - Today, a plastic molding has become a reliable and more economical analogue of a wooden molding. A plastic molding successfully imitates a tree and allows you to choose any color, which is impossible for a wooden molding. Of course, a wooden molding is the best choice for expensive paintings and masterpieces of world art, as this allows you to achieve amazing visual effects. However, in a modern interior where reproductions, posters and photographs are often used, a plastic molding is becoming more and more popular.

To give a picture, poster, embroidery or photograph a finished look, expand its borders and focus on the details, allows the mat - a sheet of textured colored paper or cardboard, filling the space between the frame and the image. The main role of the passe partout is decorative. The right choice of color, texture and background size emphasizes the artistic value of the work, helps to achieve harmony between the image and the frame. At the same time, the mat also protects the image from direct contact with glass, which is important for pencil drawings, watercolors and gouache, and also protects the edges from accidental damage.

Frames - of standard sizes are an ideal solution for decorating a number of things, from paintings to diplomas. The traditional reason for cropping is that it separates art from the rest of the world or the rest of the living room, as the case may be. However, the best moldings are an extension of the art that they surround, not its antithesis. Proper framing also protects works of art from bumps. Our experts will say how thick the molding should be to support artwork.

Mirrors - a wonderful element of decor - practical and stylish. They have the ability to completely transform any room in an instant, reflecting light and decor, creating a sense of expanded space. Frames made by special orders bring a special chic to the interior and emphasize the taste of the owner.


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