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Picture frame molding is not only a practical and reliable element for framing artworks and photographs, but also an important accent capable of highlighting and complementing the beauty of the artwork and the surrounding interior.

Plastic frame molding is a versatile option for those who value economy and a wide range of choices. It can imitate wood, metal, stone, or other materials, allowing you to find the perfect frame for any style and composition. Additionally, plastic frame molding is lightweight and durable, providing convenience in handling and a long service life.

Wooden frame molding is the choice of true connoisseurs of traditions and natural materials. The natural beauty of wood will add a special charm and coziness to your pictures or photographs. Wooden frame molding can come in various shades and textures, offering ample possibilities for creativity and original framing.

Hardware for photo frames and pictures is an indispensable element for secure fixation and optimal presentation of your artwork. High-quality mounts, hinges, and hangers ensure stability and convenience in displaying pictures on walls, as well as allow for easy changes in composition and frame placement.

In addition to choosing the right frame molding and hardware, one should not forget about the significant detail - the mat board. The mat board is a piece of cardboard or paper that is placed between the picture (photograph) and the frame. This element not only adds style and elegance to the framing but also serves important functions.

Make the right choice of frame molding and hardware for your pictures and photographs to emphasize their beauty and significance. Your artworks deserve the best framing that will give them uniqueness and aesthetic admiration.