About Baghet.MD

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The company "EVK International" SRL is one of the leaders in the market of fillets, mirrors and picture frames. We invite you to join our customers, the number of which is growing every year since 2011.


Specializing in the production of frames, mirrors, and subframes, we can offer our customers the best service at the best price. Our artisans, professionals in their field are as attentive as possible to the choice of materials for the production and design of frames and mirrors, mats and fittings. A feature of our company is a pedantic approach to each order and attention to each client. A wide range of more than 200 models and the widest color range of fillets, mats and accessories will impress even the most sophisticated buyer.


Your order will be carefully processed by our experienced staff. Orders leave our facility within 1-2 days and delivered to your apartment, house or office, with an option to pick up your order directly from our workshop. Frames and fillets can be ordered in any size, in any quantity, with no minimum restrictions on the size of the order. Our workshop is also open for bulk orders.


For wholesale buyers and fillet workshops, a separate system of discounts and work is provided. It is also possible for wholesale customers to provide free samples (corners) for the convenience of work. Discounts for frames can vary from 10 to 50%, depending on the volume of the order.

Regular customers can also provide deferred payment.


Since 2016, we are official representatives in the territory of Moldova of the largest Ukrainian fillet manufacturer DART Molding.