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To give a picture, poster, embroidery or photo a complete look, expand its borders and focus on the details, it allows the mat - a sheet of textured colored paper or cardboard that fills the space between the frame and the image.

The main role of the passe-partout is decorative. The right choice of color, texture, and background-size emphasizes the artistic value of the work, helps to achieve harmony between the image and the frame. At the same time, the mat also protects the image from direct contact with glass, which is important for pencil drawings, watercolors, and gouache, and also protecting the edges from accidental damage.

Mat is used as a background complete with a moulding, but can also act as an independent frame for vintage drawings and photographs. It is the main design element during the exposition of voluminous objects - medals, weapons, and various collections, and is used as a place for signatures and explanatory notes.

How to choose the right mat for the picture:

Mat Width

Today, single passe-partout is most often used in the design of works performed in the Art Nouveau style. The most common color scheme for mats is neutral beige. Passe-partout of such a plan gives the work a finished, elegant and solid look. Nevertheless, do not forget that the width of the frame and the width of the mat must not coincide, otherwise, the visual effect from this design may be spoiled.

The combination of color Passepartout and baguette

When choosing a mat suitable for your picture, it is very important to remember that the frame and passe-partout should not merge. Moreover, by combining several layers of mat, different shades from the frame, you can achieve truly stunning visual effects.

Passepartout Layering

Recently, a new trend in the design of works of art has become a double mat. With the help of a well-chosen combination of colors and double mat widths, decorators can achieve stunningly beautiful effects, completely concentrating the viewer's attention on the work, abstracting his attention from the outside world. For this design, you can use pastel colors, and one of the strips of a passe-partout, even the same color, should have a darker or lighter shade.

Contrast of Mats

If you are going to order a frame and plan to choose a mat for it, you should consider designing your picture with a less contrasting mat. It is important to remember that the internal mat must be combined with the color of the frame. A well-chosen frame with a mat will help your painting to become the central element of the room you are decorating.

Depth effect with double passe-partout

Passe-partout and a custom-made frame allow you to independently choose not only the width and material of the strips, but also creatively approach the design of the picture. The picture, designed with the effect of depth, looks especially impressive, and you can achieve this effect simply by combining a double mat, the same color, and shade, but of different widths.