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Framed Mirrors

If you want to buy a mirror in a plastic, wooden frame or any other product from the fillet we offer, call us at + 373 69 29 56 52 and we will be happy to inform our partners who will help you arrange a mirror or any other your product in the best fillet.

When decorating any interior, it is worth mentioning that, a mirror, a picture, a photograph or a poster will become exactly that central element that will attract the attention of your guests. Therefore, you should especially carefully approach the choice and think over the general appearance of the room before placing the mirror in a fillet. There are a huge number of types and styles of frames for decor items. The most common types of frames are wooden or plastic fillets.

Are you looking for the perfect frame mirror? You have already found it. Our framed mirrors and an extensive range of home frames are made from high-quality materials that will make your interior luxurious. Combined with excellent service, our fillet and frame company is the best choice for your decor.

If you are going to buy a large mirror, you need to think carefully whether it will be appropriate for the size of the room for which it is intended, as well as which frame will best highlight the desired part in the decor. One of the most popular types of rich decoration is a carved wooden fillet. It is worth noting that it will cost you not cheap, but the effect of such a fillet, especially if it is gilded, silver plated or made under the effect of antiquity, will be truly amazing.

Quality proved in practice

Mirrors - a wonderful element of decor - practical and stylish. They have the ability to completely transform any room in an instant, reflecting light and decor, creating a sense of expanded space. Frames made by special orders bring a special chic to the interior and emphasize the taste of the owner.

Each of our frames is expertly crafted, with no gaps or crevices. High quality fasteners do not allow you to be distracted by assembly flaws.

Framed mirrors - a stylish solution for any room

Choose facet or plain mirrors, then choose one of more than 1000 frames that can be made in any size for a perfect frame. We have frames and fillets suitable for any interior. All our frames have mounts for both portrait and landscape type of wall mounting.


Framed mirrors for any decor

When you work with, you can be sure that we can provide you with the decor for the bathroom that you are looking for, made to order. We work with the best suppliers to create decor items that suit your taste and style. Our glass specialists will take care of quality and convenience and will easily fit into the design of any space.

Let the framed mirror become the finishing touch in your bathroom or any other room and add the necessary elegance. Contact at +37369295652 to find out more about our frames, fillets and more.

Practical and versatile at the same time, mirrors in a wooden frame are a classic choice that will bring a magnificent look to your interior. Given the wide range of frames and fillets, offers its customers a space for creativity and experimentation. Wooden frames do not go out of fashion and are suitable even for modern interiors.

Mirrors in a wooden frame

Wooden frames are ideal for decorating ready-made interiors as well as at the design stage, visually expanding the space. Our wooden frames are an example of craftsmanship and attention to the details of each order, giving each client the opportunity to correctly place accents in the interior. Being an independent element of the interior or in combination with other furniture and decor, our mirrors look equally stylish. Regardless of the style of your interior, you can be sure that with us you will find something that easily fits into your interior.

Ready-made frames in the Baroque style will give your room a truly royal look, but do not forget that in small-sized rooms, such frames of impressive sizes will look too massive. Nevertheless, such a frame is in itself a work of art and, if you have where to place a picture in such a frame, it will delight your guests for many years.

Plastic frame for mirrors

Another popular type of decoration are plastic frames. Mirrors framed by fillets painted in metal are ideal for modern interiors decorated in a minimalist style. In this case, the fillet should be without monograms, smooth. If you select a frame for framing in a suburban house or in a country house made of stone, then in this case a fillet can be decorated with a stone that will certainly suit you. It favorably emphasizes a mirror or a picture against the background of the rest of the interior.

In general, choosing a frame is worth being guided primarily by the general tonality of your interior, its style, and the size of the room. For example, a wide carved frame with baroque gilding will look somewhat ridiculous in a small room decorated in a minimalist or art nouveau style. At the same time, a thin metal frame will make your picture invisible if your interior is decorated in a bohemian style.

Framed mirrors in store

Visit our online store to see samples of our frames and more. We offer a wide range of materials, for a more thorough approach to style and decor, creating your own mirror in our salon.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a bathroom decor framed by our company Our options include popular overhead trim frames, and we offer both real solid wood hanging frames and “light” frames glued to the surface of the mirrors.